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Secondary Mentor Self-audit and identification of development needs

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Science Mentor Training Presentation slides from Session 2

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The 2017-2018 Mentor Needs Audit :

School Self Evaluation Tool

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Post-Carter Review Group Reports

The DfE published the three post Carter Review group reports on ITE on 12 July 2016.
These are available via the following link:
Initial teacher training: government response to Carter ...
The reports of, and government’s response to, 3 expert groups tasked with developing: a framework of content for initial teacher training (ITT)

There are two recommendations for Ofsted. The first is in the ITE framework report: ‘Ofsted should have due regard to the framework of content as part of its ITE inspection, and should use the framework of content when making judgements about the quality of training and the leadership and management of an ITE partnership.’
Ofsted has mapped the content of the ITE framework report to the ITE inspection framework and handbook. There are no implications in terms of changes to the ITE inspection handbook or inspection practice.

The second recommendation is in the Mentor Standards report: ‘Ofsted should have regard to the standards in their inspection of ITT providers.’ Please note that Ofsted already evaluates the quality of subject-and phase-specific mentoring as part of its judgements about the quality of training across the partnership.

Please note that the National Standards for school-based ITT mentors includes information from four of the published ITE good practice case studies. Ofsted has published 15 recent good practice ITE case studies. These are available on the Ofsted website.