Pre-Course Information

Welcome and congratulations on being offered a place on the Secondary teaching programme. This page will be updated with the latest information about our skills test support, Pre-course materials and Pre-induction day, please do continue to engage with this page for the latest updates about the course.

Pre-Course Materials

Before you start the course we recommend at least 10 days work experience and ask the school to complete the following School Experience form:

Career Entry Profile

Subject Specific tasks

Computer Science with ICT



I am looking forward to meeting you on the PGCE Secondary Maths course.
You will have been directed here as you have been offered a place on the PGCE Secondary Maths course and you have accepted the offer. If this is incorrect then please do let me know on
If you have an android or apple phone then please download the ‘Telegram’ app. Send me a message on the app to 07903 053362 with your full official first name and last name. I will then start adding everyone to a group so that we can start communicating as a group.
You will also find on this page the pre-course prep and Subject Knowledge audit (SKA) which includes pre-course reading and indicates what you need to do before the start of the course. Please look through this in detail and complete what you can before the start of the PGCE in September. Please note that you will be keeping and updating this SKA throughout the PGCE course.
I will be around over the summer if you need to discuss anything. Often I find that if you post up your concern in the Telegram group then that is often better addressed by your peers as someone will have the detail of how to get things done.
I am assuming of course the basic requirements of a PGCE course have been or will be met before September as well as the conditions that you had on your offer. (The basic requirements are a degree, GCSE grade C or above or equivalent in Maths and English and passing your Literacy and Numeracy.)


Pre-course Tasks

Subject Knowledge Audit

Pre Inducting Day

Pre induction 16th June 2018
To help the new trainees to make a smooth transition onto the course.
Achieved by:
  • Meeting fellow students
  • Meeting tutor, ex trainees, mentors and administrators
  • Getting to know the campus, journey time, library, where to eat, where to rest! The area around the campus
  • Getting answers to admin questions regarding DBS, fees, etc from admin staff
  • Getting support with QTS skills tests if needed.
In detail the aim is to:
  • Get the most from the pre course tasks and targets by discussing these with your subject tutor
  • Get the most from your pre course school experience through discussion with colleagues, ex trainees, mentors and tutors
  • Start to understand what is needed to make the first weeks of the course a success.

Pre-Induction Day Timetable; Secondary PGCE
Session Title
09.30 10.00
Registration in Ricketts Quad, College Building
10.00 – 10.15
Welcome and introduction to the day

The PGCE Secondary year
Eddie Ellis Director of Programmes,

Lech Wersocki(set up post it questions)
10.15 – 11.15
Preparation for study: Assignments
In subject groups 10.15 to 11.00

Monitoring and supporting the Pre course tasks
Subject Leaders:
Science: Karen Parks/Eddie Ellis
Schools Direct: Tremaine Baker
Drama with English: Alex Suthern
English: Gareth Evers
Maths: Raza Kazim
Music: Joshua Emdon
Computer Science with ICT: Catherine Walsh
Business Studies: Lech Wersocki

Breakout rooms. C114with C101, C104, C106, C107, C109, C110.

Whole group C114 11.00 to 11.15

Masters level work and research
11.15 to 11.45
Coffee Break
A chance to network with your new colleagues
Preparation for study: The school experience
Q & A & Feedback postcard
Whole group 11.45 to 12.00

Observing lessons.

In subject groups 12.00 to 12.30

How to get the most out of your pre-school experience.
Subject Leaders:

Breakout rooms. C114with C101, C104, C106, C107, C109, C110.

Whole group Q and A and feedback C114 12.30 to 12.45
12.45- 1.30
Lunch/ Campus tour/ admissions questions
Provided by Middlesex University
13.30 – 3.30
Professional Skills Workshop
This is centrally provided. This is for the trainees who need help with preparing for the skills tests. Otherwise, it is a time to network with your pathway trainees and answer their questions.